Factors That Led To Nationalism in Nigeria

1. The racial discriminatory tendencies not the Europeans towards Nigerians.

2. The Nigerian awareness of British exploitation of their fatherland.

3. The neglect of traditional institutions.
4. The influence of Christianity and the establishment of schools made the nationalists realize that after-all God created every man equal before Him.

5. The emergence of world superpowers and UNO’s opposition to colonialism.

6. The formation of political parties like NYM, NNDP, and NCNC and the political activities of people like Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo geared the spirit and subsequent growth of nationalism in Nigeria.

7. The stern criticism of colonialism by some prominent American Negroes like Du Bois and Raph Bunch.

8. The independence of some other countries like India in 1947 and Ghana in 1957.

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