HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES are the violation and/or unlawful deprivation of people or individuals from enjoying their fundamental human rights as enshrined in the constitution either by citizens themselves, the government or its agencies.

Forms of Human Right Abuses:

1. Police unlawful arrest and brutality on citizens.

2. Extortion of all kinds e.g. policemen on the highway collecting money from motorists.

3. Denial of press freedom by the government.

4. Unlawful detention by law enforcement agencies without charging the detainee to court.

5. Sexual harassment and rape.

6. Child, prostitution and child trafficking.

7. Stealing of another person’s property.

8. Harassment and intimidation of voters by politicians and their hired thugs.

9. Depriving a child of his right — right to basic education.

10. Denying an accused person the chance for a fair hearing in court.

11. Killing of another person intentionally.

12. Imprisonment without fair hearing and trial by the law court.

13. Preventing qualified persons from voting and being voted for.

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