Factors that Affect Rate of Chemical Reactions

(1) Concentration: Concentration of the reaction affects the rate of chemical reaction. Here, when the concentration is higher, It makes all the molecules of the reactants to be closer and this increase the collision rate, thereby increasing the reaction rate.

(2) Nature of reactants- Since the reactants is of different energy capacities, so the type of reactant used will always determine the reaction rate.

(3) Temperature – Since, Increase in temperature results to increase in kinetic energy of the molecules, then it will result to subsequent increase in the collision rate and so increase the rate of chemical reaction.

(4) Surface area of contact – Increase in surface area provides room for faster reaction and so increases reaction rate. So powered form of reactants have the highest surface area while the lump of solid has lowest surface area.

(5) Catalyst — A positive catalyst increases the rate of chemical reaction by lowering the activation energy of the reaction.

(6) Light– Some reaction rates are affected by light.

E.g. the substitution reaction of alkanes with chlorines and also photosynthesis reaction in green plants.

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