Chemical Equilibrium

A chemical reaction is in equilibrium when the rate of forward reaction equals the rate of backward reaction.

i.e. ΔG = 0
ΔA + bB  ⇌  cC + dD
According to the law of mass action
R1 = K1    [A]a [B]b
R2 = K2    [C]c [D]d

At equilibrium, R1 = R2

K1 [A]a [B]b = K2 [C]c [D]d
K1 = [C]c [D]d
—      ———-
K2 = [A]a [B]b = Kc

[C]c [D]d
∴ Kc = ———
[A]a [B]b
Where Kc = equilibrium constant.

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