• Expulsion
  • Murder
  • Moral decadence
  • Corrupts societal values
  • Violence
  • Spiritual problems
  • Breakdown of law and order
  • Criminal tendencies
  • Violence and social instability
  • Disruption of academic activities
  • Disorientation of societal values
  • Premature death of youth who are cult members/innocent victims
  • Drug addition and related health problems
  • Embarrassment for families and parent
  • Bad image for the individual/family/society
  • Spiritual problems for cultists and their families
  • Proliferation of arms and other weapons
  • Destruction of the future of the youths
  • Committing murder and other crimes, eg. armed robbery, rape, kidnapping and so on.
  • Poor academic performance
  • immoral activities and indiscipline

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