1. Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. It is a serious crime and a global problem that violates the fundamental rights of the human person

2. Many victims of this inhuman treatment go through a lot of psychological distress/trauma and, are usually stigmatized by their peers and the society to which they belong.

3. Human trafficking also leads to the death of victims due to the frustration and psychological trauma they go through. Some victims are willfully killed by the trafficker, who may need the organ(s) of their victim for transplant.

4. Most victims are usually abused sexually. Some are forced into commercial sexual exploitation (prostitution), forced marriage etc.

5. Victims of human trafficking face a lot of deprivation, exploitation and slavery. In short, they (victims) are enslaved by their trafficker as they suffer and go through psychological distress.

6. Many victims have been exposed to the risk arid dangers of contracting diseases of varying degrees like HIV/AIDS, STDs and mental illness.

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