Computers Operating Modes

This is the term used to describe the different methods of using computer, operating it and communicating with it. The several methods of operating computers are:

Batch processing:

Here, the programs and data are processed in groups, that is only when all the necessary input are ready.

Time – Sharing:

Here, the processing time is shared in turn between different users so as to provide many access to computer

Real Time:

The computer is made here to process data as quickly as possible.

Interactive Programming:

It is a programming method where both the computer and the end user can communicate with each other from both ends.

The Source Programs:

It is the program that the user writers. Examples are COBOL, BASIC, and FORTRAN and LOGO.

The Object Program:

The translator or complier works on the source program and it becomes a machine code or object code which computer can then understand for it to execute before giving out results.

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