Classification by size

(a) Super computers (b)Mainframe (c) Mini computers and (d) micro-computer.

Features of super computers are:

(i) They are the largest type of computers
(ii) They are very fast in performance.
(iii) They are very expensive
(iv) They require special installation procedure.

Features of the Mainframe

(i) It is less expensive compared to super computer.
(ii) It consumes enough space.
(iii) It is used by many users
(iv) It has a more powerful VDU, memory and data storage capabilities.

Features of the Mini computers

(i) It is very affordable.
(ii) It consumes less space compared to the two above.
(iii) It is more mobile
(iv) It is very easy to install

Features of micro-Computer

(i) The micro-computer has the arithmetic unit and logic unit including the control unit built in an integrated circuit (IC) chip oiled the microprocessor.
(ii) It is very easy to carry.
(iii) It is the smallest among others.
(iv) It is the fastest in speed.

Examples are the IBM PC, the Compaq, the Apples I and II series

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