The Origin of Computer

The chronological order in the development of computer is summarized below:

500 BC: The Abacus machine was used in Egypt. But the history dates back to china around 200 BC. It is know in China as Sounpan; and called Sovoban in Japan.

1614: An English man called John Napier developed a computer called Napier’s bone.

1620 — William Ought Red discovered slide rule.

1642 — A Frenchman called Blaise Pascal invented Pascal’s arithmetic machine.

1671— A German born Got-fried Wilhelm von Leibniz invented a Leibniz calculating machine.

1822 — An English mathematician called Charles Babbage invented a Mechanical computer.

1890 — Herman Hollerith developed a punched card called the Hollerith’s machine

1900 — Valdermar Paulson invented a recording device.

1930— George Stibitz of Bell laboratories developed the complex numerical calculator

1937— Howard Aiken developed the Harvard Mark.

1943 — Alan Turin developed a special purpose electronic machine called the Colossus.

1946 — J Presper Eckert and John Mauchly developed the Electronic Numeric integrator and calculator (ENIAC)

1949 — MN WILKINS invented the Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer WDSAC)

1950 – University of Pennsylvania developed the Electronic discrete Variable Automatic Computer (EDVAC).

1951 — National Physics laboratory invented the Automatic Computer Engine (ACE).

1948 — William Shockley and team invented the Transistor based Computer. Also the international Business Machine (IBM) developed the integrated circuit computer called the IBM 360.

1972 — Intel corporation manufactured the microcomputer.

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