(1) Vigilantism:

The act of helping out to safeguard and secure the life and property of members of a community from the wicked hands of armed robbers by youths of the area.

(2) Sanitation:

This is a cleanup exercise that is usually carried out by members of the community in clearing village road paths, markets, parks etc.

(3) Burial/funeral ceremonies:

The community especially family members also render their support and helping hand in sourcing funds meant for planning and executing the burial of a member either collectively or individually.

(4) Charity:

The community also renders their support by buying materials such as foods, clothes, beverages etc. and even giving cash donations to destitute/charitable homes. They also render a helping hand to the needy like the aged men/ women, and widows/widowers among them either collectively or individually.

(5) Socialization and Education:

The community as a group of people living together and interacting with one another also helps in socializing and educating their members by transferring certain core values and norms to them, especially the younger ones.

(6) Law enactment and Implementation:

Through the chiefs, the council of elders and age-grade institutions, certain customary laws prohibiting stealing, fighting, rape, killing, shedding of the blood of a fellow kinsman etc are enacted. Sanctions to the breach of such laws are also made, which may include suspension, fine and outright ban (to ostracize) from participating in the affairs/activities of the community.

(7) Community Development projects:

The Community through their self-help or support and philanthropic gestures of their rich members can embark on community development projects, especially in the area of their felt needs such as the sinking of water boreholes, construction of feeder roads, school, hospitals/health centres, electricity etc. to the common good and benefits of their people.

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