Context Questions on “She Stoops to Conquer”

Speaker A: There are two gentlemen in a post-chaise at the door. They have lost their way upon the forest are talking something about Mr. Hardcastle.

Speaker B: As sure as can be, one of them must be the gentleman that’s coming down to….

  1. Speaker A is  A. Hastings B. Landlord C. Diggory D. Miss Neville
  2. One of the two gentlemen is A. Marlow B. Sir Charles Marlow   C. Maid D. Mr. Hardcastle
  3. Where are the gentlemen going to A. Malborough B. France C. London D. Mr. Hardcastle’s house
  4. Who is speaker B? A. Tony B. Constance C. Hastings D. Dorothy
  5. Speaker B thinks that the visitors are A. Looking for an inn B. Searching for company C. Coming to court his sister D. Some business partner

ANSWERS: 1B, 2A, 3D, 4A, 5C

A: Gentlemen, once more you are heartily welcome…It’s not my way, you see to receive my friends with my back to the fire… I like to see their horses and trunks taken care of.

B: (Aside) He has got our names and the servants already. (To him) We approve your caution and hospitality, Sir.

  1. The gentlemen are
    A. Young Marlow and Hastings
    B. Hastings and Diggory
    C. Tony Lumpkin and Hastings
    D. Mr. Hardcastle and Sir Marlow
  2. The gentlemen are in the house of Mr. & Mrs.
    A. Marlow B. Digqory C. Hardcastle D. Hastings
  3. Speaker A is pleased to see his
    A. Prospective business partner B. Son-in-law
    C. Daughter’s suitor D. Brothers
  4. Speaker B mistakes speaker A for
    A. a porter B. an innkeeper C. a servant D. the landlord
  5. Speaker B is
    A. Young Marlow B. Mr. Hardcastle C. Tony Lumpkins D. Diggory
  6. Mrs. Hardcastle’s character is best described as A. modest B. vain C. petty D. crude
  7. The heroine of the drama (She Stoops to Conquer) is A. Constance Neville B. Miss Kate Hardcastle C. Mrs. Grigsby D. Mrs. Hardcastle

ANSWERS: 1A, 2C, 3B,4B, 5A, 6B, 7D

A: Ay, and bring back vanity and affection to last them the whole year. I wonder why London cannot keep its own fools at home!

B: Ay, your times were fine times indeed, you have been telling us of them for many long years, Here we live in an old rumbling mansion, that looks for all the world like an inn, but that we never see company.

  1. Speaker A is
    A. Tony Lumpkins B. Hardcastle C. Young Marlow D. Hastings
  2. Speaker B desires to make a trip to
    A. U.S.A B. a village C. London D. France
  3. The two speakers are in
    A. the town B. a coach C. London D. a chamber
  4. The relationship between speaker A and speaker B is
    A. Husband and wife B. friends C. Neighbours D. business partners

ANSWERS: 1B, 2C, 3D, 4A

A: …t expect the young gentleman I have chosen to be your husband from this town this very day…

B: Indeed I wish I have known something of this before. Bless me, how shall I behave?

  1. Speaker A is expecting
    A. Sir Charles Marlow B. Young Marlow C. Hastings D. Tony Lumpkin.
  2. Speaker B is
    A. Constance Neville B. Kate Hardcastle C. Mrs. Hardcastle D. Mr. Hardcastle
  3. Speaker A above is the father of
    A. Kate Hardcastle B. Tony Lumpkins C. Miss Neville D. Young Marlow
  4. The news of the suitor’s visit makes B
    A. sad B. anxious C. happy D. pessimistic
  5. From speaker B’s reply, we can deduce that B
    A. suspects the meeting may not hold
    B. is indifferent to the marriage contract
    C. hates contracted marriages
    D. loves contracted marriages

ANSWERS: 1B, 2B, 3A, 4B, 5B

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