Vegetation of Nigeria

The vegetation of Nigeria can be classified into three major zones namely: The forest, the Savannah and the Montane vegetation.

The Forest Vegetation

This very vegetation is made up of different belts such as the Mangrove Swamp, Fresh water Swamp, Equatorial rain and the Monsoon or Deciduous forest belt. This vegetation is mostly found in areas with high amount of rainfall like the Southern part of Nigeria. For instance, the Swamp forest lies along the coast and it is mostly seen in the Niger Delta and Cross River.

The Savannah Vegetation

This is also made of different belts such as the Guinea Savannah, the Sudan Savannah, and the Sahel Savannah. The Savannah vegetation is found mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria where grasses are dominant.

Montane Vegetation

This type of belt can be seen in areas where the high Plateax climate is found due to the temperature of such areas. This vegetation can be found in the highland areas.

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