Use of symbolism in Raisin in the Sun

Briefly comment on the effectiveness/importance/significance of the use of symbolism in the play.

Two textual references shall be examined to buttress the use of symbolism. In the first place, the residence of the Youngers is an old building full of cracks, Inside these cracks, are cockroaches, Once in a while, the Youngers insecticides to reduce the population of these irritating pos, However, this scenario is simply symbolic. The old building represents the ghetto, the abode of coloured people or blacks. The cockroaches are the coloured or black people and the insecticides are the weapons of oppression used against the blacks.

Secondly, the scene of the rat is another symbolic act in the play. The big rat is haunted by the people in the street. They hit with all intensity Bam! Bam! Bam! The rat is covered with blood yet it runs about, This is symbolic of how the blacks are maltreated, terrorized and wounded, yet they may be bloody, but unbowed, Recall the house incident where Mama Lena buys a house at Clybourne Park, Miss Johnson and Lindeer try to talk them out of the property but they rebuff them like the rat.

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