Theme of ‘Dreams’ in Raisin in the Sun

With textual references, examine the theme of “Dreams” in Raisin in the sun.

The central focus of the play is DREAMS. Everyone desires a better life. Thus, one dreams of how to actualize his desires. Mama Lena Younger tells us how her loving husband once had a big dream, to buy a house in Morgan Park where they would have a separate garden. That was a dream. Walter Lee Younger had a bigger dream, to invest a whopping seventy five thousand dollars in the liquor business. He hopes and dreams to make it big, such that he will buy his big car, a Cadillac for his wife, better education for his son, a better life for his entire family, people will answer him “YES sir!” it was just a dream.

Once, Walter even remarked that one big problem with the coloured people is that they are full of dreams. Beneatha’s dream was to become a doctor, to save lives, to act God. It was also a dream. When Mama Lena received the cheque of ten thousand dollars from the insurance company, Walter thought his dreams have come through, thus he sees his last hope of realizing his dream crashing. Indeed, it crashed. His mother gave him part of the insurance money which he gives to Willy Harris and Bobo, his business partners. What happened? Bobo comes with stories of Willy having gone to God knows where with the money.

In all, A Raisin in the sun is preoccupied primarily with the theme of unrealized dreams.


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