Examine the theme of the poem, pulley, pointing out how this is relevant to the message being portrayed.

First and foremost, the word pulley is a wheel through which a rope passes to draw or lift something. In this poem, God has used himself as a representative of this pulley. He is creator of everything. When He created man, He gave him everything, strength, beauty, honour, wisdom, pleasure. But God is wise. He knows that if man were to have everything he desired, his longing for God will soon diminish and perhaps fizzle out:

“Let us” he said “pour on him all we can…

So strength first made a way/then beauty/

Then wisdom, honour” etc.

But God halted and realized that if He should give everything to man, he will have no need to Him (God).

“For if I should, said he

Bestow this jewel also on my creature

He would adore my gifts instead of me”

Since God does not want His creatures to forget Him, He has to draw them to Himself. So He keeps riches and weariness knowing that “if goodness (riches) does not draw one to God, weariness, surely will”. Hence, the “pulley” here portrays how God intends to constantly draw His creatures to Himself as the wheel draws things with the help of the rope that passes through it.

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