The CorelDraw 8 view Toolbox

The toolbox:

The toolbox contains a lot of tools any of which you can use in performing your drawing tasks. The following are basics tools.

Pick tool: It is used in picking up other tools from the toolbox.

Shape tool: It is used in changing the looks object.

Zoom tool: It is used in magnifying or reducing the view of an object or the page.

Free-hand tool: It is used in drawing lines and curves in free-hand mode.

Eclipse tool: Used in drawing oval shapes and circles.

Rectangle tool: It is used in drawing rectangles.

Polygon tool: It is used in drawing many-sided polygons.

Text tool: It is used in adding text.

Interactive fill tool: It is used irk filling object colours.

Interactive drop shadow tool: It’ allows one to add shadow to objects.

Interactive transparency tool: It is used in adding transparency to vector and bitmap objects.

Outline tool: It is used in adding or removing outline from an object.

Fill tool: It is used in filling objects with different things.


Making some Drawings

I. Drawing a rectangle

steps involved are
– click on the rectangle tool
– click and then drag from one other lower end on the page.
– go back to the pick tool then to the rectangle

2. Drawing a circle

to draw a circle
– click the ellipse tool
– hold down the ctrl key, click and drag on the page to produce a perfect circle

3. Drawing a polygon

– click the polygon tool
– Click and drag on the page

4. Filling a perfect circle with a special fill

(a) Draw a circle (let it remain selected).
(b) Click on the till tool, (the thirteenth), which is the last).
(c) On the flyout, click on the fourth tool (texture fill dialog box)
(d) Click on any of the texture list and see the preview, OK to accept
(e) Go back to click the pick tool.
(f) Now click on the outline toot.
(g) Choose the fourth tool that is no outline. The circle looses its outline and leaves only the fill.

5. Zooming in ‘and out

(a) To zoom into an object, click on the zoom tool then drag from one end to the other so as to form a rectangle round the object.
(b) To zoom out, simply press the F3 key.
(c) To zoom in again, use F4.

6. Typing some texts

(a) Click on the text tool (make sure you have zoomed into the page).
(b) Click anywhere on the page and begin to type
(c) Type ‘Amaka’ for example.
(d) Then click on the pick tool
(e) Move up to the font list and change the font type, and even the size too.
(f) As it is selected, pick any colour from the colour palette to colour the font.

7. Copying object from cliparts.

To copy an object or pictures from clipart

(a) Click on edit menu and select insert new object.
(b) Insert new object, dialog box comes up.
(c) Scroll down the list of Microsoft clip gallery and click, then click OK
(d) A list of objects you can pick from comes up, click on your choice and click insert.
(e) Once it is inserted, it need to be cut and pasted specially.
(f) Therefore, press ctrl X to cut.
(g) Go to edit and choose paste special.
(h) Then choose picture (metafile) and OK.
This gives you the opportunity to work on the picture as desired.

(8) Printing Your Jobs. To print your job

(a) Go to file, click the print preview first.
(b) Close the page by clicking on close (not X button).
(c) Go back to file and click print.

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