Starting CorelDraw 9.0

(i) Click on start menu.

(ii) Point to programs

(iii) Point to CorelDraw

(iv) Click on CorelDraw.

CorelDraw now displays a dialog box

(i) New graphic: Click to start a new graphic with the current default template.

(ii) Open last edited: Click to open last edited (ww. Cdr) file to enable you Continue working where you left off.

(iii) Open graphic: Click to open an existing file.

(iv) Template: Click to start new graphic using the template of your choice from professionally created designs.

(v) What’s new: Click to learn about the new features in CorelDraw 9.0 including optionalized performance and more

Opening an existing drawing:

It is either you use the keyboard shortcut CRRL + O or you go to the file menu and click open. The file you wish to access will be amongst the files listed, click on it and then open.

Opening a new file:

To open a new file, it is either you use (TRL + N or you click on the file menu to locate new and then click.

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