Social implication of computer

These a social implication of computer. Due to increase of co in the society today, it has given rise to many social imp in the lives of our youths. Computer games and which children watch these days has increased the laziness among youths, it has also exposed many youths to more of entertainment and other …

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Computer and the society

In our society today, computer has done many things. These are the positive and negative effect of the computer The positive effect are (I) It has increase employment opportunities. (ii) It helps to beautify the working environment of any office (iii) It helps to reduce the hardship in working environment (iv) It helps to reduce …

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Application area of computer

There are several areas where computer are extensively applied in our daily lives. Few areas to be looking at here are Education Office and business application ┬áScientific and industrial application Games Road construction Home uses The above few examples are not limited. They are just an insight to the few applications. They are explained in …

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