Application area of computer

There are several areas where computer are extensively applied in our daily lives. Few areas to be looking at here are

  1. Education
  2. Office and business application
  3.  Scientific and industrial application
  4. Games
  5. Road construction
  6. Home uses

The above few examples are not limited. They are just an insight to the few applications. They are explained in more detailed form below:


The use of computer in our educational sector has improved the learning process of students. This is enhanced with the computer assisted learning (CAL) programs, which help students to learn different subjects on their own.

Teachers and lecturers use computer to impact knowledge faster and easier to the students. Most textbooks now come with CD’s for exercise and lots more. Area of uses includes: simulation, animation and Internet.

Office and business applications:

Computers are applied very well in offices and the business world. Most offices are highly powered with computer, these days.

Office applications:

In those days, paperwork were being used in offices but these days, computer are installed in every section to keep records of any transaction made for easier tracking. Banks use computers to transact any office business. The aviation industry uses it as well to 1)00k flights and monitor any dangerous signals. In the communication sector, they use it very well to make all their dealings.
(b) Business applications: In the business area, it have been used in areas like:

Business applications:

In the business area, it have been used in areas like:

(i) Payroll system which is used to prepare salaries
(ii) Invoices given to the customers after goods have been ordered.
(iii) Stock control in supermarkets or departmental stores to check the customers purchases and current it stock levels automatically.
(iv) Bank transactions such as deposit, withdrawal, fund transfer, customers care and information unit, etc

Scientific and industrial applications


Computers are applied in areas like the scientific research, space exploration, weather forecasting, laboratory investigation, simulation and underwater experiments

Industrial applications:

The major areas of application include
(i) Manufacturing process control
(ii) Regulation of temperature, pressure and weight
(iii) Robotics control
(v) Design automation (vi) Signal monitoring

Game (recreation):

Computer is widely used to play games; there are different games configured to be played in computer. These games help us to relax ourselves after the days work. Some of these games are snake xanvier, planet racer, snooker, football, puzzles etc.

Road construction:

Most of the roads constructed these days are very good, this is because, the computer is used to monitor flaws before road is being constructed.


Computer is also used in our various homes for many uses; it is used in reading, temperature regulations, security purposes, house flaw detection etc.

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