SYSTEM: The lgbo political system had no overall head, hence the political authority was shared among the various independent units as elucidated below:

Village Administration: Is made up of all family heads that represent their respective families at the village assembly. The chairman of the village assembly is usually the Okpara who is recognized as the most senior.

Family Heads: This is the smallest/lowest level of administration, usually made up of representative of each family. They deliberate on matters affecting them and also settle minor disagreements among themselves.

Age-Grades: They serve as law enforcement agents i.e. as police, army and public workers. As police, they maintain law and order and also enforce punishment on offenders. As public workers, they carry out environmental sanitation like clearing of paths and markets.

Ozo Title holders: This group occupies exalted positions in the lgbo political system. They wield political powers and are well respected because of their influential and wealthy nature. They help in settling land disputes and other disagreements among their subjects.

Village Assembly: Is the meeting made of all male grown-ups in the village and the elders in council. The meeting usually takes place at the Okpara’s place or village square.

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