Sulphur: It makes up about 0.1% of the earth’s crust.

Extraction of Sulphur

A process termed “Frasch process” extracts sulphur hot compressed.

Extraction of Sulphur
Extraction of Sulphur

In the above Frasch Process, we have three terminals.

The super-heated water is first introduced into the sulphur bed through one terminal, and then hot compressed air is introduced into the second terminal to force the molten sulphur (sulphur melted by super-heated water) up through the third terminal.

Allotropes of Sulphur: The main allotropes of sulphur are the rhombic (a – sulphur) and monoclinic or prismatic sulphur (B sulphur), which are crystalline, and amorphous sulphur (S – sulphur) and also plastic sulphur.


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