1. Providing for the household: Parents take care of the financial and material needs such as accommodation (shelter), food, cloths of their children in a manner that ensures their wellbeing and growth to becoming responsible adults.

2. Caring: Caring for children is the most important role of responsible parents. Responsible parents should be well aware that it is their duty to provide for their children to the best capability at all times. It is a primary duty any responsible parent owes his/her child or children.

3. Education: Education is the bedrock of success. So for any responsible parents to beat their chest for achieving success in life, the best legacy such parents can set for their children is to ensure that they are educated. Parents must ensure that their children go to school to acquire knowledge and be useful to themselves and to the larger society.

4. Good Home Training: Parents as a matter of fact must teach their children good morals and other societal norms like how to respect elders, greet, eat in the public etc.

5. Safe Environment: Responsible parents provide a safe environment that is devoid of risk, danger and any form of accident that might not be healthy for the upbringing of children, Responsible parents protect their children and family: This implies making sure that their environment is safe. The goal of the responsible parent will be to protect their children from dangers to which they may be vulnerable and to keep

6. Motivation: A responsible parent motivates the child or children. If you want the child to be successful and to achieve his goals, encourage and motivate him positively.

7. Be disciplined and orderly: A responsible parent disciplines gently. A major aspect of the role of a responsible parent is to establish and maintain order in the family by requesting a certain level of discipline.

8. Sacrifice: A responsible parent must be ready to make sacrifices for their children. As a responsible parent, you have to be strong and do your best for your children even at your own cost. Always put your children first. Sacrifices are necessary if any parent wishes to build a good home.

9. Be God-Fearing: A responsible parent must have the fear of God in him and be ready to train the child or children in the same direction. Once a child is able to fear God as a toddler, except in very rare cases, such a child holds tight to the tenets taught him during childhood.

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