Here are the reasons why we study government:

  1. It helps us know our fundamental human rights.
  2. It helps us to actively participate in politics.
  3. It enables an average citizen to have enough political awareness.
  4. It also enables us to know our duties/obligations.
  5. It helps us acquire leadership skills/qualities.
  6. It helps provides solutions to socio-political and economic problems.
  7. It helps us deals with comparative analysis of government of other states.
  8. It provides knowledge of the political history of the state.
  9. It deepens the understanding of international relations and a state’s commitment to international organizations.
  10. It helps in keeping abreast of national and global political occurrences and developments.
  11. It makes it possible for an improved relationship between the ruler and the ruled.
  12. It enables us to differentiate between a legitimate government and the one that is not.
  13. It opens the eyes of the people for the need to take part in political decision-making of a country.
  14. It promote the spirit of nationalism and patriotism.
  15. It helps to prevent mistakes of some past political leader from being repeated.
  16. It  helps in knowing the types and different systems of government operating in the world.
  17. It helps provides opportunity for people to know how conflicts originate and are resolved.

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