The Commission:

This very organ of AU functions like the European Commission with the sole aim of strengthening the union. The commission like the European Commission is the administrative wing of the union. The commission has executive members, each with specific portfolios, with a president and vice president. The first interim president is the former secretary-general, Amara Essy.

The Assembly/Conference:

This is an organ of the AU that is responsible for making policies of the union, as well as its implementation. As an annual summit of all heads of state and government in Africa, this organ sees to the approval of the union’s budget and appointment of officers for other organs and agencies of the union.

The Executive Council

This is another organ of AU that is composed of ministerial representation from each member state. That is to say that the executive council is made up of foreign ministers of member states. The council meets twice annually.

The council is charged with:

  1. Preparing meeting agenda for heads of state and government.
  2. Preparing the union’s budget and ensuring that their policies are judiciously carried out.
  3. Coordinating the activities of member states and at the same time controlling the union’s specialized agencies.
    Making recommendations to the conference of heads of state and government.

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