Minerals and Power Resources in Nigeria

Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa because of her abound potentials As a country, Nigeria is endowed naturally with a lot of minerals such as Coal, Tin, Columbite Iron ore Crude oil and gas, Gold, Lead, Zinc, Limestone marble and several others. These minerals are natural substance which are obtained from the earth through mining. A better utilization of all these minerals help to promote economic development.

Minerals and Where they are Found

1. Petroleum – Rivers, Cross Rivers, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa Akwa Ibom, lmo.
2. Coal – Enugu (Udi hills) and Benue
3. Limestone – Nkalagu, Ewekoro etc
4. Gold – Oyo, Kaduna, Niger
5. Iron – ore Ajeokuta
6. Marble – Igbeti
7. Lead – Abakaliki
8. Zinc – Anambra, Enugu, kwara
9. Common salt – Imo and Benue

NOTE: Coal is found by excavation and it is used for driving steam engines. Petroleum is found deep in the soil by drilling with machines and pipes and it is used as fuel by automobiles, generators and vehicles.

Limestone is equally found in stony areas, exploited by rock cracking and used for making cement. Gravel is also found in the same area and it is exploited by cracking with heavy machines.

It is used for building houses and road constructions. Tin is found in mountainous areas, exploited by dredging and used for canning foods.

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