The “Dinning Table” generally talks about the consequence of maladministration. When leaders fail to do that which is expectedly right, the result is a failed state, the consequence of which is strife, restiveness, violence and of course deprivation leading to anguish, squalor and disease. Thus, dinner time is characterized by “gun wounds” rather than food. Fighters and devourers or caters of the economy inflict untold pans, the sting of which is stronger than the scorpions”.

As a result of bad governance public places like relaxation, centers are destroyed and in place, unnecessary roadblocks are created. The situation is even worse because when it seems the masses are to enjoy a lease of life, “to drink from the cup of life’ disease comes to take over what remains. Hear this, “when the hour to drink from the cup of life ticks, cholera breaks its spell on cracked lips…” This is to say, when hope seems to brighten up, disease comes to ravage the already devastated body.

The speaker wants to become a revolutionary, to liberate the rest of mankind from the stranglehold of wicked leaders but is hindered by personal inadequacies. While the spirit is poised, his “boots have suddenly become too reluctant to walk” him.

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