Comment briefly on the diction of the poem and say how it has enhanced the meaning.

The poem has a beautiful diction. There is a combination of simple and complex expressions. The simplicity of diction comes horn the employment of everyday language whose meanings can be derived from the context. These include Words like gun Wounds” dinner” desert” “tongue” “vegetable (s)”, “scorpions”, “guerillas”, crocodiles” and many others. These are words which can be easily interpreted at glance without much difficulty.

However, the complexity of diction stems from the metaphoric interpretations or implications of these expressions. The significance of metaphor is to veil the meaning of an idea from the lay reader. Deeper understanding and interpretation will be required to unlock the meaning. Thus the poem has such complex “ironies” and “metaphors” which make the diction somehow complex. Such metaphors like tongues” “vegetable blood’ “oceans of bowls’ “guerillas walk the land’ meaning, an independent force or group over running the government through coup, rebellion or even terrorism to cause so much blood letting and deny citizens quality and meaningful life. The diction is apt through such metaphors alliterations and repetitions to drive home the message.


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