Formatting the documents

The Microsoft word modules include

(i) Format paragraphs
(ii) Add bullets and numbers to list
(iii) Format pages
(iv) Auto format text

To create a paragraph, press enter after typing words, this will automatically create a new paragraph.

Other options for formatting documents are:

(a) line spacing

(b) paragraph spacing

(a) How to format line spacing

(i) Select the paragraph option of the format menu.
(ii) Select the indents and spacing
(iii) Select an option from the line spacing drop down list.
(iv) Select a value from the (Ad:) box.
(v) Click on the OK button to close the dialog box.

To assign a single line of white space before or after a paragraph, follow the following steps.

(i) Place the cursor at the beginning, or select multiple paragraph.
(ii) Select the paragraph option from the format menu.
The paragraph dialog box is displayed.
(iii) Select or type the (Before) and (after) spacing or within the spacing area. For example you can select 10pt (before) and 10pt for (after) to give move spaces.
(iv) Click on the (OK) button.

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