Map Scale

MAP SCALE is the proportion or ratio between the distance to two points on a map and the actual distance it represent on the ground. It can also mean the relationship between a linear measurement on a map and the actual measurement on the earth’s surface (i.e. the ground 1 For instance, if the scale …

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Maps Colour Analysis

Note: Map reading also goes with colour analysis. For instance Blue colours represent water bodies like rivers. Ocean. Stream. Lake etc. Brown colours represent contour lines. Contours are lines that join places of equal elevation. Red colour represents roads such as Trunk “A” roads, Trunk “B’ roads and Trunk .,“ roads. Green colour represents vegetation …

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Types of Maps

(i) Sketch Maps (ii) Atlas Maps (iii) Topographic Maps: which is the most and widely used in map reading. Some of the symbols and signs as used in map reading are literal symbols, line symbols, point symbols and pictorial symbols. These symbols are used to show certain features in map reading. For instance, line symbols …

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Map Reading

Map reading is a branch of Geography that deals with the recognition and interpretation of conventional signs and symbols as used on maps. It is the ability to describe what the signs and symbols represent. A Map is a drawing and/or a representation of the earth’s surface, which shows both the physical and human features …

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Economic Cooperation in West Africa

ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF WEST AFRICAN STATES (ECOWAS): Is a sub-regional economic organization established by sixteen West African States on the 28th of May 1975 with its headquarter now in Abuja, Nigeria. AIMS/OBJECTIVES OF ECOWAS 1. To promote an increased co-operation and development in economic activities among member state. 2. To promote the living standard of …

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Problems of Irrigation

1. The flooding of the Nile may cause damage to farmlands fl the basin. 2. Construction of dams on the Nile also disturbs normal flow of water on the river. 3. The fluctuation in water levels for irrigation purposes may affect the quality crop yield.

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