Boyle’s Law

Boyle’s law states that for a given mass of gas, that the volume is inversely proportional to its pressure provided the temperature is constant.

boyles law relationship

V ∝ 1/P

K = PV

ie. V = K/P

P1V1 = P2Vsub>2


A given mass of gas of pressure 120 N/M2 occupies a volume of 30cm3. What will be the pressure exerted when the volume rises to 90cm3.


P1V1 = P2Vsub>2

P1 = 120N/M2,  V1 = 30cm3,  P2 =? V2 = 90cm3

∴ P2 = (P1 V1)/V = (120 x 30)/90
= 40N/M2

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