Application of information in information system

Three major areas of application of information technology in information system are:

  1. Use of office support system
  2. End user systems
  3. Data or transaction processing system

Use of office support system:

Information system is used in office in the following ways:

  1. To process data
  2. To balance account in business organizations.
  3. In schools to process students’ related information like examinations, records, teachers’ record etc.
  4. For general purposes e.g. word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, voice and data transmission.

End user systems

The application of information technology to the end user includes.

  1. Computerized information system: which involves the use of electronic or electromechanical equipment, e.g. fax, Teleflex, view data, e-mail, interactive video and satellite forecasting
  2. Decision support system: Softwares like the Déjà vu helps information to be structured, analyzed and modeled to assist in decision making process.
  3. Computerized computer system: This is an automatic analysis of information. Example is the complex traffic control, security systems, central heating and air conditioning, which are controlled by software programes.

Data or transaction processing system:

Information technology is used in transaction processing system in the following ways:

  1. For reservation of seat in airline.
  2. Trading of stock
  3. Wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers for the availability of stock.
  4. Used for file processing.
  5. Used for remote banking.
  6. Used for electronic (e-commerce) commerce.
  7. Used for office automation equipments.

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