World Trade Route

World trade is made possible through three major transportation systems and they are: Air, road/rail and most importantly, sea. To this end, therefore, the major world ocean trade routes are:

1. The North Atlantic Route:

This is one of the busiest routes in international trade because it links the most densely populated and highly industrialized regions of the world. It connects or lies between North-West Europe and North-East of North America.

2. Trans-Pacific Trade Route:

This sea route is known to be the longest in distance and it is used for fast passenger traffic. It connects or lies between the East of U.S and Western Europe.

3. The South Atlantic Route:

This is another sea route that links South America, Europe, South Africa and West Africa.

4. The Cape Route:

This is one of the oldest and very popular routes between 1967 and 1975. Ships trading between Europe and South America, especially when the Suez curial was closed extensively used the route.

5. The Mediterranean-Suez Route:

This route was opened in 1869 and it connects Europe and North America to the Far East.

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