Types of Plateaux

They are classified or grouped according to their mode of formation and physical appearances.

Tectonic Plateaux

Tectonic Plateaux are formed by earth movements, which cause the uplift of some areas and the depression of others. Examples are Harz of Germany, the Bolivia plateau in the Andes Mountains of South America.

Volcanic Plateaux

Volcanic Plateaux are called lava plateaux because they are formed from the outpourings of molten lava, which solidify to form a lava plateau. Examples are the Antrim plateau of Northern Ireland, Columbia — Shake Plateau in USA and the Deccan Plateau in India.

Dissected Plateaux

Dissected Plateaux are formed from highlands whose edges have been carved by deep and narrow river valleys or gullies.

This type of plateaux is caused by various agents of denudation like weathering, erosion etc, which results in the wearing out of the earth surface thus forming dissection.

Examples are the Scottish Highlands, the Udi-Nsukka plateau, the Jos plateau etc.

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