Network Topology

Based on the layout of computers in the network and how they are connected, three types of network topologies can exist. They are: Star Network: This gives access to many users to central files and system resources through a host Cpu. Bus Network: It has no central computer but share other network resources such as …

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Telecommunication networks

The modern network system consist of computers , telephone lines, microwave relay stay station, satellite dishes and satellite. Types of Network Public Network: This is the type of network communication which is available for use by anyone, usually in fee basis. Example is telephone network. Private Network: It is a closed communication system usually confined …

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Network Components

A network connects two or more points together by a communication channel. The points connected together are called nodes. Special components required by computer for connecting them to the network are: Modem an acronym for modulator-demodulator. It interfaces the computer digital data to the analog telephone line. They are used for networking computers via phone …

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