1. Civic Responsibility: The business sees to the payment of its workers and also collects its workers tax and pays into government coffers
  2. Employees Responsibility: The enterprises ensure that workers salaries are promptly paid
  3. Community Responsibility: The business enterprises carry out the responsibility of providing the communities in which they operate with some basic amenities like pipe-borne water electricity roads, bridges and recreation centres and facilities
  4. Environment Responsibility: The business enterprises provide adequate waste disposal to the environment in which they operate. This they do in   alleviate the dangers of air and water pollution.
  5. Social Responsibility: The business enterprises see to the provision of good health services and good welfare programme for its employees.
  6. Customer’s Responsibility: The firms ensure that high quality goods and services are produced and distributed to the customers.
  7. Government/legal Responsibility: This is the way by which business enterprises keep to the laws relating to business activities of a given government. 
  8. Shareholders’ Responsibility: The business enterprises ensure that relevant information pertaining to the business activities especially that of annual general meetings is made known to the shareholders.

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