1. It will ensure private sector participation in the importation of petroleum products which will free up the market, empower many Nigerians and also allow the government to focus on other key sectors of the economy.

2. It will ensure the ready availability of petrol at all times for all Nigerians as Nigeria will be saturated with petrol and there will be no diversion by marketers.

3. It will curb the greed for higher profits and sabotage by a few players in the oil industry which will positively affect the economy.

4. It will ensure competition in the industry and market forces will drive down the price of petrol in the long run as witnessed in the telecoms sector for the benefit of Nigerians.

5. It will permanently banish queues from petrol stations across the nation and free the country from the endless pains and sufferings that come with fuel scarcity, which makes Nigerians line up in petrol stations for a day.

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