1. Practice safe sex: Always protect yourself while having sex by using a condom. But it is advisable that you stick to one sex partner.

2. Faithfulness: Another way of preventing HIV/AIDS is by being faithful to your spouse or partner. Avoid cheating your spouse or partner by having multiple sexual partners. Stick to your spouse or partner always.

3. Blood Transfusion: Avoid transfusing blood that is not well or properly screened by experts. So, always ensure that blood meant for transfusion is properly screened.

4. Abstinence: Abstain or stay off from premarital sexual intercourse or relationship. Be patient until you are up to the age of marriage. Be advised that before you start having sex with your Spouses, ensure that both of you undergo screening tests to ascertain your HIV status.

5. Avoid the use of unsterilized injection needles and clippers.

6. Also avoid sharing sharp objects like razor blades and needles

7. Use Condom: If you cannot stay off sexual intercourse, then by using condoms whenever you indulge in the act to avoid contracting the dreaded disease.

8. Do not share personal effects like shaving sticks, clippers, or toothbrushes with anyone.

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