Popular participation in democracy is a principle, that advocates for the active involvement of the majority of people in the democratic process of their country. It is the process of voluntary involvement of the citizens in the political activities of their country.

The place of popular participation in a democracy implies the inherent gains/benefits that are derivable from the active involvement of the generality of people in the public affairs and politics of their state or country.

Popular participation, therefore, helps to discourage political apathy as it gives everybody the opportunity to choose eligible candidate(s) to represent their iii government, People can participate in the politics of their country through the following ways:

1. by contesting for elective positions.

2. by taking an active part in electioneering campaigns and political rallies;

3. by belonging to a political party;

4. by assisting political parties of their choice both materially and financially;

5. by supporting aspirants/candidates during elections;

6. by registering and obtaining a voter’s card;

7. by coming out to vote during elections;

8. by attending part meetings;

9. by helping to disseminate the party manifesto, propaganda and other information; and

10. by discussing political issues in their respective families, homes and groups.

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