1. Election offers the electorates the opportunity of choosing their leaders.
  2. It also offers the electorates the opportunity to participate in government.
  3. It creates room for smooth replacement of a bad and unpopular government.
  4. It gives political parties the opportunity to sell their programme to the people.
  5. It is used to test the popularity and acceptability of the government and its political programme.
  6. It fosters democracy.
  7. It gives elected representatives the legitimate right to rule.
  8. Election provides the means of ensuring control and accountability of those who have been elected.
  9. It promotes competition among the political parties and even candidates.
  10. It enhances equality of votes of citizens, it is a case of one man one vote.
  11. It makes it possible for people to decide the type of policies that should be adopted by government through party manifestoes.
  12. It integrates various ethnic and political groups.
  13. It serves as an index to measure the popularity of both party and candidates.
  14. Election serves as a means of ensuring that political sovereignty is vested in the people in a democracy.
  15. It equally helps to promote good governance and curtails dictatorial tendencies of government.

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