Functional Operators

A function is used in an expression to call a predetermined operation to be performed in an operand They must be used in conjunction with either a statement or a command Examples are shown in table below

Functions Meaning
SIN (x) The sign of x
Cos (x + y) The cosine of the addition of x and y
TAN (x – y) The tangent of subtraction of y from x
ATN (x) Arctangent of x
EXP (x) The exponential value of x
LOG (x) The natural logarithm of x
SQR (x) The square root of x
ABS (x) The absolute value of x
SPC (x) Leave x space
TAB (x) Start at position x + 1
SGN (x) The sign of x; 1 if x > 0, 0 if x = 0, -1 if x < 0

Note: The quantity x is called the argument or parameter

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