Comment on the form and diction of the poem.


The form of the poem is simple. It has four stanzas with irregular lines, that is, the stanzas are of unequal length. However, there are sixteen lines in all having an alternate rhyming patterns of ab ab,cdcd, efef, ghgh etc. These regular end rhymes create musical harmony in the poem. In addition, the lines are very short in some stanzas. Most importantly, the poem contains series of run-on lines using the coordinating conjunction, “and” in most of the lines.


The language of the poem is symbolic. Imageries are used to achieve the effect. These imageries or symbols include “sunset”, “evening”, “twilight, which symbolize coming of old age. On the other hand, “dark”, “flood”, “tide”, symbolize death which carries one to eternity. There are several examples of metaphor to heighten the language/diction. They include, “evening star”, “to see the pilot face to face”, “to cross the bar” etc. Apart from these, the “tide” is personified, the “bar” and the “flood” as well. All these add deeper connotations to t a poem. Finally, the message is simple and is subject to both literal and figurative or metaphoric meanings.

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