Features produced by Wave Erosion

1. Capes and Bays: Capes are extension of land jutting into the sea. Although they are made up of hard rocks which are usually resistant to wave erosion. Bays on their part are wide and curved inlet of a sea or a lake.

2. Stacks are rocky pillars rising from the sea, which are formed as a result of collapse of the roof arch.

3. Cliffs are high, steep rock face along the seacoast.

4. Caves are tunnel-like holes at the base of a cliff face, which is produced where there is a weakness in the rocks.

5. Archs are natural openings through a mass of rock formed by the joining of two caves. It may be circular or cylindrical in shape.

6. Geos are elongated, narrow holes in a cliff with vertical sides, formed as a result of the collapse of the root of a cave.

7. Gloup is a hole in the root of a marine cave through which water and air are forced out.

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