Features of Wind Erosion

  1. Rock pedestals are irregular shaped pillars with alternate horizontal layers of hard and soft rook which are easily wearied away by wind.
  2. lnselbergs are remains of hills or plateaux, which have been cut down to their present height by wind. Or put simply as rock islands located on plains.
  3. Zeugen are flat-topped rock masses that have formed into a ridge and furrow landscape in the desert. It is also a tabular mass of resistant rock underlain by a layer of soft rock.
  4. Yardangs are vertically arranged. They occur when bands of hard and soft rocks lie parallel due to prevailing wind thereby forming a series of sharp, irregular rock crests separated from one another by deep groves.
  5. Mesa and Butte: This is a table- like land mass with a very resistant horizontal top layer and very steep sides.


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