Examples of Orderliness

1. Listening skills: The ability to listen carefully is one good example of orderliness. Listening skills enable one correctly understands discussions/conversations between people.

2. Queuing culture: This phrase simply means ‘waiting for one’s turn. This is one culture that really shows that a system is working in an orderly manner. Service is delivered much better in an orderly system especially for intangible services like waiting to see a doctor.

3. Decorum in Driving: This is another example where a sense of orderliness applies. As a driver how often does your driving go against those salient issues that are demanded of you as a driver? Orderliness plays a crucial role in driving. It is only an orderly driver that can perform his 2-way obligation as a driver, taking full responsibility for his life and the lives of others moving with him. This culture can go a long way to improving our national ideals if only we all see it as a must.

4. Decorum in office or observing official ethics: Office ethics is a set of codes and values used to determine correct arid proper behaviour in an office. They can also be seen as rules that derive from codes and values that help to determine the right choices and behaviours in the office setting.

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