1. Anarchy:

When people are denied their rights, they tend to protest which sometimes leads to lawlessness and disorderliness.

2. Lack of Unity and Progress:

Human rights abuses can lead to disunity which does not encourage any progress and unity in any society.

3. Enthronement of Bad Leadership:

When people are denied their right to vote, candidates of questionable characters emerge as winners, hence encouraging/promoting the enthronement of bad leaders who do not mean well or have the interest of the electorates at heart

4. Political Apathy:

When people are not freely allowed to exercise their civic duty of voting either as a result of intimidation, harassment or other kinds of electoral fraud, the electorates tend to shy away from politics. This promotes political apathy and makes nonsense of democracy as government of the people, for the people and by the people

5. Loss of Lives and Property:

Human rights abuses can lead to the destruction of lives and property:

6. Road Accidents:

Police road blocks sometimes cause accidents

7. Image:

Human rights abuses also dent the image of a country internationally e.g. the violations of human rights by late Abacha’s military junta led to a very bad image for Nigeria.

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