Comment on the effectiveness of the poetic devices used in the poem.

A number of poetic devices are used in the poem. Most of these devices create mental pictures. Jungle drums are typical of African culture and way of life. The jungle paths are characterized by rugged paths with green leaves and wildflowers. This is picturesque. The piano is a musical instrument. Thus the use of piano creates a picture in the mind. Apart from these imageries used, there are other devices including simile metaphor alliteration and powerful diction. These devices add meaning and positive effect to the poem.

For instance, in line 4, the simile is employed, “…raw like bleeding flesh”. The message of the jungle drums is compared to bleeding flesh. This is indeed potent and captivating. Metaphor expressions such as “mystic rhythm,”, “primal youth”, “sucking”, “jungle drums, enhance the language of the poem.

The sound quality is sustained with the preponderance of alliterations, like ‘rhythm…raw”, Panther…Pounce, “my mother’s”, “solo speaking”, “counterpoint crescendo,”  “morning mist” etc. These create a musical impact in the poem.

The diction too is appropriate as depicts music. Concerto in classical European music is a piece for one musical instrument with the accompaniment of a group of others. Put differently, it is a musical composition for an orchestra and a solo instrument. Again, Diminishing or soft sound, a crescendo is a gradual rise in musical sound. Counterpoint is a mixture of different musical notes. The diction is apt and the devices blend strongly to create a positive effect.

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