Effect of Street life in Sodom and Gomorrah – Faceless Novel

Examine the effect of street life in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Life in Sodom and Gomorrah is hell and brutish. Children sleep and wake in abject poverty and squalor. The street of Sodom and Gomorrah is a street of crime. Young girls are early introduced to sexuality through rape. There is neither shame nor decency in Sodom and Gomorrah. Young boys and girls sleep together, strip together and do everything together under the influence of drug and alcohol. Fob and Odarley her friend takes to sex hawking so as to earn a living. Most times, their sex joints are raided by superior gangs. ‘Poison a notorious gang leader hires young girls to men who pay him. Maami Broni is an accomplice who keeps these girls and gives them out to men. Baby T. is her victim and she slaughters two fowls to appease the spirit of Baby T.

Street life exposes young people to health hazards. The children sleep in hostile environments, defecate in open places and are often manhandled if they cannot pay the stipulated fines. Fofo and Odarley experience this sometimes. This is inspite of the fact that they do that in the public glare of others, thus throwing shame and decency to the winds.

The struggle for survival in Sodom and Gomorrah turns many youths to petty thieves, pickpockets, robbers etc. while others are victims of sexual abuse. Young girls become commercial sex hawkers at early stages in their lives basically because of poor family background, ignorance and frustration. Young girls are recruited by bad men and women like “Poison” and Maami Broni to hawk sex. Such victims are exposed to drugs, alcohol, rape and even death in extreme cases as it happened to Baby T as she does not agree to Poison‘s insistence that she sleeps with Kpakpo who has already paid him.

Unfortunately, the law does not protect street children as they are constantly violated. The encounter between Kabria and Fofo, the intervention of her agency MUTE and the combined efforts of Dina, the leader and Director, and the Harvest Fm presenter, Sylv Po help to unravel and expose the absurd life of street children Sodom and Gomorrah.

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