Destructive Distillation of Coal

This is the process whereby coal is heated in the absence of air to a very high temperature so as to drive away all the volatiles constituents.

The products of destructive distillation of coal are;

1) Coal Gas

This is the volatile component, which is collected as gee with about 50% hydrogen 30% methane, 10% carbon (H) oxide and smell amounts of other gases like ethane and hydrogen sulphide. It is a very important fuel.

2) Coke

This is non-volatile residue, which is left behind after destructive distillation. it is used as fuel.

3) Coal tar

it is a mixture o more than 200 different compounds like benzene, toluene, phenol and naphthalene. They are used in the synthesis of products like dyes, points, drugs etc.

4) Ammoniacal liquor

It is an aqueous liquid, which is very rich in ammonia, end so it is used in the production of fertilizer.

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