Chemical Properties of Chlorine

1. It displaces other halogens except for fluorine from their solution.

Kl(aq) + CL   2KCL(aq) + L2(s)

NB: This is test for chlorine

2. It can combine directly with other elements to form chlorides.

2Na(s) + CL2(g)  →  2NaCL(s)

H2(g) + CL2(g)   →  2HCL(g)

3. It acts as an oxidizing agent.

FeCL2(g) + CL2(g)  →  FeCL3(g)
Greenish                          Brownish

4. It reacts with cold dilute alkalis and hot oxochlorate (1) and trioxochlorate ( v) respectively .

NB: Hydroxides and chlorides of the metals. Bleaching powder is formed when chlorine is bubbled through slaked lime.

CL2(g) + Ca(OH)2         →  CaOCL2 .H2O(g)

Slaked Lime          bleaching       powder

NB: Chlorine bleaches by oxidation.

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